Sunday, 13 November 2011

Chilli Plant Update

I've been trying hard to keep my chilli plant alive! I have now eaten quite a lot of the chillies, but there is still some to go (see below).

I'm kind of interested to see what happens when I have nommed them all...


Been having a few issues with the latest version on RunKeeper - the GPS seems less reliable than it used to be, and that has meant me manually updating maps after my run lately.

General advice seems to be to ensure there is a 'Good' GPS fix showing before you start, and I have also seen that some people are using GPS Status (Market Link) to clear the GPS before starting.

I'll try that and post back later.

SD Speed Increase

Now trying out SD Speed Increase (Market Link) - it changes the read/write speed of SD cards - gone from a 128kb buffer to 2048kb - seems decent enough...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

S2E Update

So my new class 6 SD card turned up, and I went through the process of replacing the one I had. Wan't too hard, just followed this process:

  • Titanium Backup (in case)
  • Reboot to recover
  • Nandroid
  • Copy all data of the SD card on my PC
  • Format new card
  • Partition new card (1GB for S2E)
  • Copy all data on to new card
  • Boot to recovery
  • Nandoid restore
  • Job's a good'un
All running sweet at the moment...